The ultimate product for organizing, following, managing and optimizing your company's customer relations! ANTYXSOFT CRM is available in two editions (Basic and Advanced) while at the same time it offers the possibility of full customization so as to respond effectively to your company's requirements. With ANTYXSOFT CRM, you will manage your time more effectively, you will improve communication with your colleagues, you will strengthen your relationships with your customers and you will increase your company's sales!

It covers every aspect of sales management and marketing activities, customer service and support and integration of third party applications while at the same time, it offers extra modules, including project management and connectivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Galaxy ERP.

ANTYXSOFT CRM allows you to record sales opportunities, to manage effectively offers and contracts, to organize marketing campaigns, to integrate CTI applications, to design reports and views in order to process your data and to connect with various cloud services and external tools.

Modern and easy-to-use dashboard

Email and sms template engine

Report generator

Flexibility of installation on-premise and on cloud

Design of reports and views

Full customization

Integration of CTI applications

Connectivity with external tools (mailchimp,office 365)

Multi-language and multi-currency

Extra modules (project management, Microsofot Dynamics Nav. Connector)


Contacts Management:  related contacts, anniversaries,dynamic and static lists  of  contacts,   items per contact.

Tasks Management:  phone calls, meetings, tasks management,   automatization  of  recurring tasks,  calendar, pending tasks and   notifications, documents and files  management, accounting and financial  management.

Sales Opportunities: offers management (items,  prices, discounts), success  possibilities,  contracts  management.

Report Design: easy to use report generator, grid views,sales statistics report.

Marketing Features: campaign tracking, design of email and sms  templates, email  marketing campaigns, sms marketing campaigns.


Integration of CTI applications: 3CX phone system, Dialogic.

Connectivity with ERP applications and cloud services.

Connectivity with external tools: Microsoft Office 365,Mailchimp.


Project Management: project and subproject management, task assignment per project, predefined task flow, results reporting per task, project, resource, offers per project monitoring.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Connector: import of customers and suppliers accounts from Microsoft Dynamics Nav., sending of accounts to Microsoft Dynamics Nav., import and sending of orders from and to Microsoft Dynamics Nav.

Connectivity with Galaxy ERP.


Antyxsoft Crm Basic


  • Contact & Account Management
  • Activity management
  • Opportunity & Offer Management
  • Email & Sms Management
  • Document Management
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Dashboard Management
  • Users:2

AntyxSoft Crm Advanced


  • Contact & Account Management
  • Activity management
  • Opportunity & Offer Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Email & Sms Management
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Dashboard Management
  • Users:10

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