Use PITHOS, ANTYXSOFT's business intelligence platform and boost your business intelligence! It is a desktop application, which gives you fast answers, optimize the decision-making procedure and helps you gain competitive advantage. With a fully customizable dashboard, PITHOS can create a new database, connect with various types of databases, recover data from various types of databases, create reports and views.

ANTYXSOFT PITHOS application can connect to MS Sql Server, Oracle, Firebird/Interbase, Sqlite, MS Access databases as well as through OLE DB or ODBC driver. It has an ISql subsystem, which allows the user to execute Sql statements and creates new database tables. Moreover, it supports data reporting through reports, views and pivot projections. Reports have a modern report designer, giving the opportunity to design tables, charts and pivot data but also to print memo, images and barcodes.

Data recovery from several types of databases, creation of data reports and views, data development. 

Connection with several types of databases (MS Sql Server, Oracle, Firebird/Interbase, Sqlite, MS Access) and connection through OLE DB or ODBC driver.

Creation of new database.

Interactive Sql sub-system for the execution of Sql statements and the creation of new tables.

Three (3) types of data projection: reports, projectors and PIVOT projectors (OLAP cuber, PIVOT analysis).

Modern report tools and advanced report designer. Support of texts, images or barcodes reports.

Fully customizable dasboard and user's notes.

Antyxsoft Business Intelligence


  • Multiple Dashboards per user
  • Advanced Report Designer
  • Multiple database connection support
  • Pivot Analysis & Olap Cubes

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