Get on the cloud using Antyxsoft’s cloud services! Cloud infrastructure and cloud applications, offered by Antyxsoft as monthly subscription services enable you to transfer your business’ operations to the cloud, increasing your productivity and reducing your costs.

Virtual machines, such as cloud servers, cloud databases and cloud data centers, offering the possibility of adjusting the resources (RAM, storage, CPU etc) to your company’s needs, give you the opportunity to create your own dedicated private network, to manage the entire infrastructure from your pc and to monitor and control the resources, without the extra cost of investing on hardware.

Along with cloud infrastructure, Antyxsoft offers a great number of cloud applications and services, specially designed for modern business. Get informed and try now subscription license for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, hosting plans for Galaxy ERP, Antyxsoft Cloud PBX as well as backup cloud applications and see your costs dropping and your productivity rising, without worrying for security or speed issues.

All cloud services offered by Antyxsoft, via ANTYXSOFT CLOUD, are being provisioned automatically.

Connect to ANTYXSOFT CLOUD, sign in and buy online the cloud services and products you want. Through your personal account, you can manage your subscriptions, upgrade or cancel your services at any time and check your open account.

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