Antyxsoft was founded on January 2013 by a small group of programmers, who have a vast personal experience and a strong vision and changed the reality of digital landscape.

The development of modern IT solutions as well as the unceasing support of its customers enabled ANTYXSOFT to make the difference. Today, it is one of the most well-known IT companies in the greek market, offering innovation, flexibility, pioneer products, custom-made solutions for every need, immediate respond to customers' demands and great after-sales service.

What we do

We predict, innovate, develop, distinguish ourselves. ANTYXSOFT's activities include the development and application of CRM software, the creation of e-shops, the development of business intelligence integrated solutions for both the private and public sector and the provision of cloud services and products.

How we do it

With innovation, predicting the demands of modern digital era and developing pioneer products. With flexibility, offering custom-made solutions, based on each company's special needs. With quality, driving our customers to make the difference, grow, succeed. With knowledge, that allows us to change the landscape of digital technology.

ANTYXSOFT means Intelligent Innovation.

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