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Each user, who visits website or and uses the services of our online shop, is considered to fully agree and accept all terms of this website, without exceptions. Before entering our online shop and surfing to our website, we kindly ask you to read following terms and conditions, which apply especially for the use of the online shop of or If you don’t accept these terms, you are not allowed to use this website or to proceed to any transaction with this online shop. In addition, both your subscription and your order imply the acceptance of all terms.


Online shop or   of selling products and services via the internet, has been created by the company «ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Ι.Κ.Ε.», based on Thessaloniki, VAT number: 800457432, Kosma Aitolou street 31, 54642, Thessaloniki, email:

Renewal of Terms of Use

ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Ι.Κ.Ε. holds the right to modify or revise the content, terms and conditions of transactions of this online shop, whenever considers it necessary. Prices may change without prior warning. We kindly ask you to read these terms every time before using our website, taking under consideration that there may be modifications.

Copyright and other Protected Rights

The whole content of this website constitutes, if not stated otherwise, copyright of ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE, subject to any right not granted explicitly here, and is not allowed to be reproduced, altered, transmitted, reclaimed or used under no circumstances for public or advertising purposes, without prior written permission of the company.

Copyright and all other protected rights contained in this website belong to ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEM IKE or to third parties that are legally protected by the Greek and international legislature.  By accessing this website, you fully agree that you accept aforementioned laws of copyright. Please note that the violation of copyright or any other protected right may lead to civil or criminal proceedings against you.

Liability Limitation

By using this website, you fully agree that you use it under your responsibility. Our company puts every effort to offer services of high quality; nevertheless we cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors.

All information contained in this website have been collected and controlled with great attention. Our company is not responsible for and does not commit itself for the accuracy and / or quality of this information or any error that may be due to oversight during data insertion to the online shop.

Any references or links to other websites are offered for your facilitation and ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE is not responsible for the content, products and services provided (for sale or advertising purposes) of these websites. Photos of the products are indicative only. The use of this website and the reception of information are done under your own risk. ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE is not responsible for any damage, especially to data files, hardware or software of the user, that may be caused due to such an action.

In the context of its transactions, via its online shop or, ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE is not responsible for further damages that may occur due to the execution or not of the orders, or to delays of execution, for any cause. No guarantee may be provided for the availability of the products.

Under no circumstances, ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE is civil or criminal responsible for any damage, which, without limitation, constitutes loss of profits, data, financial satisfaction etc, that may suffer a visitor or a third party of our online shop, due to a cause related to the operation or not or/and the use of the website or/and to inability of provision of services or/and products or/and information.

User’s Responsibility 

Users agree and are responsible not to use online shop or for:

  • Publication, sending by email or transmission by other means of any content that is illegal causes an illegal insult and damage to ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE or any third party or offends confidentiality or confidential information of any person
  • Publication, sending by email or transmission by other means of any content that causes a breach of morality, social values, etc.
  • Publication, sending by email or transmission by other means of any content, for which the users do not hold a right of transmission according to the law or to valid contracts (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or revealed as a part of industrial relations or covered by confidentiality agreements)
  • Publication, sending by email or transmission by other means of any content that violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others.
  • Publication, sending by email or transmission by other means of any material that contains software viruses or any other code, file or program that has been designed for the purpose of interruption, damage or destruction of the function of any software or computer hardware intentional or unintentional violation of applicable laws or rules
  • third parties’ harassment in any way
  • collection or storage of personal data of other users.

Personal Data

We use your personal data, based on law 2472/1997 and its amendments, provided that you have given your explicit permission. Please note, that by using any part of this website, you agree and accept with the confidentiality practices.
ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE uses the personal data of the subscribed users or/and the customers of its online shop for the following reasons:

  • Issuing of all relevant sales invoices
  • Communication, either written or by telephone, for your service
  • Satisfaction of demands regarding our company’s services and products
  • Member subscription to our online shop. This means access to previous orders, information about products that you choose, personal data or password modification. 
  • Information regarding new products or offers, provided that you have asked for this kind of information during your registration.

Only the case when information is asked by a body of law, under a court order is an exception. You may control your personal data through “My Account” section. At this section, you may change these data. If you wish to delete your personal data, you must only inform our company, by sending an email to Your personal security is the password you provide during your registration. To present any of your personal data, it is necessary to provide initially the user email and the password. Consequently, these credentials should not be exposed to third parties. All data are stored centrally in network’s computers, which operate under high security level.


ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE may use cookies for user’s identification. Cookies are small text files that are saved on each user’s hard disc, are not being informed about any document or file of his computer and are used only for the ease of user’s access to specific services for statistical purposes; so that it can be defined which services of the online shop are popular or useful. The user can adjust its server so as not to receive cookies, either O χρήστης μπορεί να ρυθμίσει το διακομιστή του, ώστε να μην λαμβάνει cookies, either totally or by case. In this case, he will not be able to take advantage of the personalized user features of our online shop.


ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE recognizes the importance of security of your personal data as well as of security of electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures, with modern and advanced methods, so as to ensure your maximum possible security. All information, relevant to your personal data and transactions, are secure and confidential. ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE uses the SSL protocol, with 128-bit encryption (which is the most powerful today), for secure online transactions. In this way, all personal information is encrypted, including your credit card’s number, your name and address so that they cannot be read or edited during their transfer to the internet.

Customers Identification

The credentials used for your identification are two: the email and password, which offer you access to your personal data, with maximum security, every time you register.  You have the possibility to modify your password as often as you wish. Only you have access to your personal data, using the aforementioned credentials and you are solely responsible for maintaining their privacy and not revealing them to third parties. In case of loss or leak, you should immediately inform our company, otherwise ANTYXSOFT’S online shop is not responsible for the use of your password from an unauthorized person. For security purposes, we advise you to change your password periodically and to avoid using similar or easily identified passwords (e.g. date of birth). We assure you that only authorized employees have access to transactions’ information and only when it is necessary, for example for the completion of an order.  ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE commits itself not to reveal its customers’ and their transactions’ data, unless written instruction is provided or court decision or other public authority’s decision demands it. In case ANTYXSOFT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IKE uses third parties for the support of its systems, it ensures confidentiality. You can ask for any data that is kept for you as well as their modification in case you can prove the existence of error. For your security, you should also handle all information provided by our service as confidential and not proceed to their exposure to third parties. In any case, ANTYXSOFT’s online shop does not reveal or disclose, in any way, your personal data and information. Your personal data, which you put at our disposal with your registration as a member, are used solely for the execution of your transactions. All information is encrypted and stored under absolute safety.

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